About Us


Key’Shun Holmes (25) launched Rich Royal USA in 2018. Beginning in his sophomore year of high school, he sketched designs and shared them with classmates, encouraging his creativity and honoring his skills. Being that he had already possessed a strong desire to create his own brand, the feedback and engagement from his classmates further motivated him to take the opportunity seriously.

At the age of fifteen, Key’Shun’s first step to creating his own brand was to invest in himself. Until he was able to apply for jobs, he took an opportunity to sell candy to classmates in school to start his path to entrepreneurship. Shortly before turning sixteen, he filled out his first job application. He was persistent, and on his sixteenth birthday, he was promised his first job.

It was at this job that he envisioned the name for his brand. On his first day of work, his manager gave him advice that would stick with him throughout the years. His manager said to him, “You had a goal. You set out for it, and you did everything in your power to achieve it. You have a very royal demeanor. Keep that same mindset about every goal you have, and one day you will be rich.” That same day, Key’Shun wrote the statement down and established the name “Rich Royal” for his brand.

With his first paycheck, he purchased several hoodies and had his brand name, Rich Royal, printed on each of them. He was excited to take this concrete step in establishing his brand. Unfortunately, this effort was met with very little interest of others, leaving him discouraged.

At this point, Key’Shun had to decide what he would do with his future after the initial setback. He considered joining the military at the suggestion of his family, but he knew that was not the right fit; he was determined to give his brand another chance, and he did.

At the start of 2018, he set another goal to launch Rich Royal USA on June 25, 2018. He prepared and planned for the launch, and on that date, he released his first line of Rich Royal USA apparel. The launch was not perfect, but it led him to make several product improvements. 

He shifted his focus to his customers, the Rich Royal Empire. His focus on customer service drove product development leading to his primary design, the Split Tee. Its popularity grew quickly. Key’Shun wanted to be sure that the Rich Royal Empire was satisfied with the brand, so Rich Royal products are affordable and deliberately released in limited quantities to preserve its exclusivity. 

Being rich is a subjective state of mind, and it requires an understanding of one’s true desires and goals of life. Being royal is having the likeness of kings and queens, and it requires respect and dignity. The Rich Royal Empire is full of individuals with the likeness of kings and queens seeking their own riches of life.